When Context Gets As Twisted As Terry’s Logic

Terry Holt sure does hate anyone who does not share his idyllic delusions about pit bulls. Having a schedule void of a job, social life, hygienic routine, or usefulness to anyone, Holt can pretty much keep his schedule freed up to let that hatred fester into many ways that cause drama to the people he insists are “pit bull haters.” When days, weeks, even months of pouring through their public activity fails to acquire the old chode any incriminating material, Terry Holt goes the way of the tabloids like National Enquirer and simply fabricates a story based of a snippet of “proof.”

Heidi Schold.

Who is Heidi Schold, you ask? Heidi is one of the many people Terry Holt claims is a dog abusing pit bull hater. He took it upon himself to write a blog about her, featuring a Terry Holt harassing Heidi Scholdscreenshot that depicts her making a jest toward making a pit bull “road kill.” This remark made the blog viral and hundreds of pit bull enthusiasts circulated his regurgitation without as much as terry holt must be a coincidence memequestioning its origins. Had they bothered to check the source of this “pit bull hater” blogger, they’d find out the author is not only a creepy, unwashed, old guy from Brisbane who is barely literate, but his blogs have a pattern. Heidi Schold, like most of the other victims of Terry’s perpetuated harassment, are people who have experienced a loss from a pit bull attack. The poor woman’s pet beagle was tore apart by pit bulls, and as a result, she became an advocate for breed specific legislation.

heidi schold post 2But what about the screenshot? It is true Heidi said that, but the loony old bastard, intentionally wanting to show this woman up as an unprovoked dog abuser, cropped out any inclusive text that would have shown the original post: a post about a LOOSE, ATTACKING, PIT BULL.

There you have it, folks. A remark made about how to defend herself from a vicious attacking pit bull on the loose, not running over pit bulls for shits and giggles. Terry Holt Terry Holt you are full of shit burn in hellincited people to stalk this woman, message death threats to her, harass her place of business, and give out her address. All of this based on his knowing lies. Terry Holt, you are a sack of shit. When you go to hell, you will burn like an old tire.

The following screenshots are just the tip of the iceberg from the fallout of Terry Holt’s harassment. This poor woman was getting harassed for weeks because of this post.

Brittany Susdorf harassment Terry HoltDave Berg Pensacola Florida harassment Terry HoltDevon Leedom harassment Terry HoltEsther Harrel Tartaglia Terry Holt harassment of Heidi ScholdHarassment of Heidi Schold by Terry HoltNikki Shackelford harssment Terry HoltStevie Michelle harassment Terry HoltTea Rorstrom harassment Terry Holt



Leave Jeff Borchardt Alone Already!

Upon trying to figure out why my views on pit bulls and posting them on the internet warranted incessant harassment and doxxing from a group of strangers, I myself looked at a few of the pages created by this unkempt donation seeker from the outback. It is clear to see he thinks anyone who has ever suffered the trauma of a vicious pit bull cropped-terry-holt-must-be-a-coincidence-memeattack is not only lying, but has a pit bull hating agenda. If this applies to pretty much everyone in his blog, well, that is just a coincidence.

Let’s take a look at the person he targets the most, Jeff Borchardt.

Who Is Jeff Borchardt?

Jeff Borchardt is the crazy old man’s object of OBSESSION. Why? Because his son got killed by pit bulls. Jeff has since been a strong speaker for banning pit bulls, and the entitled, sociopath Terry does not find any relevance in the loss of Jeff Borchardt or anyone else he shits upon.

Terry Holt, barely able to spell beyond five letter words, finds debate too mentally exhausting and prefers being a ceaseless, troll. Literally. Don’t take my word for it, go to his pages. Try to decipher that drivel! When he isn’t spewing about him on pages, he is following him to the comment threads to attempt to discredit anything Jeff says, which regardless of where you stand, isn’t harmful. It’s a view point with cited info. Why does Terry Holt seemed so threatened by it?

The lunatic posts night and day about Jeff Borchardt’s son, insisting the official records are wrong. In spite of police, the owner, professional feedback, and even photograph evidence of two obvious pit bulls, psychopath Holt brays on like an incessant jackass, trying to get everyone and anyone who hates Jeff Borchardt to join him in his attacks. FB_IMG_1509303805792The blogs are just the beginning, but pages too? Let’s not forget the charity Terry Holt impersonated–that is HIS non-profit, named for his son Daxton. Click here for another fake post. (Notice the official page name is Daxton’s Friends For Canine Education & Awareness, while the fake page is named Daxton’s Friends For Canine Awareness & Education) Gotta admit that’s pretty low. Jeff did what to this guy again?

Terry Holt harassing police departments Walworth County pit bull Daxton BorchardtIt is 2017, four years since Daxton Borchardt was laid to rest. Still, this rotten-toothed sack of shit is harassing this man’s police department with a posse of equally brain-dead pit bull lunatics, harassing them to change it to “boxer mix”. Are you fucking kidding me, you freak? It wouldn’t help pit bulls even if you DID get your way. Jeff is one of COUNTLESS who have a voice in public safety. Leave Jeff Borchardt alone already.

Who Is Really Crazy Here?

So, it happens. You’re thumbing through the headlines on Facebook and you see yet another pit bull attack. You go to the comments section, and amongst the sea of pit bull supportive ignorance and apathy, you see a few who see the horrible mauling as a clear sign of changes needing to be made, laws needing to be established to protect our misinformed public. Some of these people are just plain tired of the attacks that are mostly on children. Some are survivors of attacks or family members of those who did not survive. A lot of them back their words with information and well-rounded research from medical expertise.

Depending on where you stand on pit bulls, you may choose to agree or disagree with those in favor of banning pit bulls. You might think their viewpoints are emotionally driven and not even bother to hear them out or read their cited material. If you are Terry Holt and his motley crew of gang stalking pit bull obsessed lunatics, you will create pages, you will multiply accounts, you will dedicate all the time you could be spending washing your liver-spotted, fetid old carapace to tracking their every move and attempting to discredit their message and gather as many enemies to them as possible.

Terry Holt

Who is Terry Holt?

<—–This is Terry Holt.

Ew, I know. What would YOU do if this were watching you? Well for some members, they have been afflicted with this big, grey-green fart cloud presence for years. Terry Holt, an Australian native living on disability and donations, proclaims to love pit bulls and be a warrior for them. That’s great and all, but while piles and piles of his beloved pit bulls die in fighting rings and are euthanized from the explosive breeding, rather than dedicate a moment of his ceaseless social media time and blogging hobby to their plight, he trolls and stalks “pit bull haters”. Apparently not liking pit bulls is much deadlier for them. Gee, he must have lots of evidence on the people he stalks and harasses that are killing pit bulls!

Only he doesn’t.

In his senseless, ceaseless, senile, years-long tirade, old man Holt has not procured one

Fake Daxton’s Friends page

documented sheet of evidence showing anyone has been charged with animal cruelty or any abuse. His “proof” that anyone gets off abusing pit bulls is generally harvested from threads about defending yourself from a pit bull attack. His own “proof” about a pit bull attack victim charity seeking to educate others on killing pit bulls was a fabrication devised by him and quickly denounced by the official page.

Sounds to me like the old bastard is just pissed off that pit bull attack victims exist and wants to snuff out their credibility.

You never will silence victims, Terry Holt. Their lives mattered, and they will be known about. Your friends can lie all they want to, slander us, call us crazy, but your own loony actions are your undoing. You are an embarrassment to any self respecting pit bull advocate. I ask anyone, what kind of sane, normal people follow people around who have been in a pit bull attack situation and harass them like this for years?

Terry Holt – The Half-Wit From Brisbane, Australia – Memes Facebook Won’t Allow

The following is a collection of Terry Holt memes Facebook won’t allow. For more information on The Half-Wit From Brisbane, Australia, (AKA Uncle Terryclick here.




Holt memes19601080_1878932402370092_3779752412270258785_n19702077_1900667363529262_5808323548290447608_n19895116_1902764119986253_874603186338845532_nTERRY HOLT DOCTORS ARE STUPID MY HOUSE HAS PLUMBINGTerry Holt falling from the skyTerry Holt I got baking soda memeTerry Holt multi pages meme with linkTerry Holt multi pages memeterry holt must be a coincidence meme

There is literally so much harassment from this lunatic and his followers that it would be impossible to post it all. More savage hypocrisy, or perhaps he is just a liar. Remember their targets consist mostly of those who have endured a loss because of a pit bull attack. They think that is no excuse to support BSL, and, his cronies refer to the movement as a “cult”.

None of the insane things they say and do is considered abnormal, though? Notice they only abuse victims, because they cannot provide an argument against a dead body or a scarred face. So instead, they try to abuse the person or get them fired from their job instead. If they really cared about pit bulls, they would not be spending their time harassing victims of pit bulls. Is any of the vile garbage you see below look like it’s going to save pit bulls? They do this crap 24/7, and they have been at it for years. They never attack dogfighters like this, because dogfighters don’t support BSL.

Terry Holt 1

The following screenshots are all from the Australian wannabe blogger who calls himself Terry Holt and the friends who follow him. These are just a few of the vile, disgusting things that have been reported to Facebook.

For years, they have said things like this to the moms and dads of those killed by pit bulls and their sympathizers. They call themselves “pit bull advocates”. Even after those bullied continued to block these self-proclaimed ” advocates”, Terry Holt and his pushy friends have tracked each and every person who has ever tried to bring awareness to their tragedy and have made it their sole duty to bully them into silence. They don’t want anyone to know about these parents and their life changing tragedies, that these people in these grueling pit bull attack stories do exist, and in alarming numbers.

However, this really has nothing to do with pit bulls or stopping BSL and a lot to do with a group of lunatics who are putting people through more grief after losing their child. If this were about pit bulls, then why is everyone they attacked in these screenshots someone who has endured such a loss? This is not advocating of any kind. This is sick. This should be illegal. Anyone who has lost someone could only imagine the pain, the loss, and it is inhuman to say these kind of things to grieving families. You can only imagine their scars, their pain, their PTSD. The fact they raise awareness after all the bullying they endure from it shows they must have a lot more strength and integrity than the trash from Holt’s pages or anyone else who tries to kick them down.

Is this what pit bull advocates are about? Is this how bully breed enthusiasts want to be represented? There is no excuse for this kind of treatment on anyone who has lost their child. I cannot think of any self-respecting group of sane human beings who could stand by people who make a career out of stalking pit bull attack victims and verbally abusing them on social media.

Please share this forward if you do not condone this disgusting type of behavior and respect the memory of those lost, no matter where you stand.

Terry Holt 2

Listen to this sniveling weirdo try to be funny. How many news stations have cared enough about what any of them have to say enough to reference or interview them, hmm? Oh that’s right, none of them. So how can you even act cocky, like you somehow stand some sort of chance against the three people you mock with your juvenile nicknames. These three have made more strides for their cause and have been given more credibility and have made more appearances than you pit pushing pukes could in your miserable lifetimes.

Let’s face it, that’s why you’re all so obsessed with taking them down. You’re outclassed. All the vulgarity, tantrums, and ramblings about “shadows” in the world isn’t going to make the obvious any less obvious when you’re up against facts. Definitely need to work on your wit while you’re at it.

Dogsbite.org stays constantly criticized by cowards, yet not a single number used, case, name, or date can be exemplified as inaccurate. This is why EXPERTS also cite their findings. They’re well SOURCED. Colon Lean, you say? No one would ever say a pit nutter has a lean colon, they’re quite full of shit.

Will Spencer

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