Leave Jeff Borchardt Alone Already!

Upon trying to figure out why my views on pit bulls and posting them on the internet warranted incessant harassment and doxxing from a group of strangers, I myself looked at a few of the pages created by this unkempt donation seeker from the outback. It is clear to see he thinks anyone who has ever suffered the trauma of a vicious pit bull cropped-terry-holt-must-be-a-coincidence-memeattack is not only lying, but has a pit bull hating agenda. If this applies to pretty much everyone in his blog, well, that is just a coincidence.

Let’s take a look at the person he targets the most, Jeff Borchardt.

Who Is Jeff Borchardt?

Jeff Borchardt is the crazy old man’s object of OBSESSION. Why? Because his son got killed by pit bulls. Jeff has since been a strong speaker for banning pit bulls, and the entitled, sociopath Terry does not find any relevance in the loss of Jeff Borchardt or anyone else he shits upon.

Terry Holt, barely able to spell beyond five letter words, finds debate too mentally exhausting and prefers being a ceaseless, troll. Literally. Don’t take my word for it, go to his pages. Try to decipher that drivel! When he isn’t spewing about him on pages, he is following him to the comment threads to attempt to discredit anything Jeff says, which regardless of where you stand, isn’t harmful. It’s a view point with cited info. Why does Terry Holt seemed so threatened by it?

The lunatic posts night and day about Jeff Borchardt’s son, insisting the official records are wrong. In spite of police, the owner, professional feedback, and even photograph evidence of two obvious pit bulls, psychopath Holt brays on like an incessant jackass, trying to get everyone and anyone who hates Jeff Borchardt to join him in his attacks. FB_IMG_1509303805792The blogs are just the beginning, but pages too? Let’s not forget the charity Terry Holt impersonated–that is HIS non-profit, named for his son Daxton. Click here for another fake post. (Notice the official page name is Daxton’s Friends For Canine Education & Awareness, while the fake page is named Daxton’s Friends For Canine Awareness & Education) Gotta admit that’s pretty low. Jeff did what to this guy again?

Terry Holt harassing police departments Walworth County pit bull Daxton BorchardtIt is 2017, four years since Daxton Borchardt was laid to rest. Still, this rotten-toothed sack of shit is harassing this man’s police department with a posse of equally brain-dead pit bull lunatics, harassing them to change it to “boxer mix”. Are you fucking kidding me, you freak? It wouldn’t help pit bulls even if you DID get your way. Jeff is one of COUNTLESS who have a voice in public safety. Leave Jeff Borchardt alone already.