Who Is Really Crazy Here?

So, it happens. You’re thumbing through the headlines on Facebook and you see yet another pit bull attack. You go to the comments section, and amongst the sea of pit bull supportive ignorance and apathy, you see a few who see the horrible mauling as a clear sign of changes needing to be made, laws needing to be established to protect our misinformed public. Some of these people are just plain tired of the attacks that are mostly on children. Some are survivors of attacks or family members of those who did not survive. A lot of them back their words with information and well-rounded research from medical expertise.

Depending on where you stand on pit bulls, you may choose to agree or disagree with those in favor of banning pit bulls. You might think their viewpoints are emotionally driven and not even bother to hear them out or read their cited material. If you are Terry Holt and his motley crew of gang stalking pit bull obsessed lunatics, you will create pages, you will multiply accounts, you will dedicate all the time you could be spending washing your liver-spotted, fetid old carapace to tracking their every move and attempting to discredit their message and gather as many enemies to them as possible.

Terry Holt

Who is Terry Holt?

<—–This is Terry Holt.

Ew, I know. What would YOU do if this were watching you? Well for some members, they have been afflicted with this big, grey-green fart cloud presence for years. Terry Holt, an Australian native living on disability and donations, proclaims to love pit bulls and be a warrior for them. That’s great and all, but while piles and piles of his beloved pit bulls die in fighting rings and are euthanized from the explosive breeding, rather than dedicate a moment of his ceaseless social media time and blogging hobby to their plight, he trolls and stalks “pit bull haters”. Apparently not liking pit bulls is much deadlier for them. Gee, he must have lots of evidence on the people he stalks and harasses that are killing pit bulls!

Only he doesn’t.

In his senseless, ceaseless, senile, years-long tirade, old man Holt has not procured one

Fake Daxton’s Friends page

documented sheet of evidence showing anyone has been charged with animal cruelty or any abuse. His “proof” that anyone gets off abusing pit bulls is generally harvested from threads about defending yourself from a pit bull attack. His own “proof” about a pit bull attack victim charity seeking to educate others on killing pit bulls was a fabrication devised by him and quickly denounced by the official page.

Sounds to me like the old bastard is just pissed off that pit bull attack victims exist and wants to snuff out their credibility.

You never will silence victims, Terry Holt. Their lives mattered, and they will be known about. Your friends can lie all they want to, slander us, call us crazy, but your own loony actions are your undoing. You are an embarrassment to any self respecting pit bull advocate. I ask anyone, what kind of sane, normal people follow people around who have been in a pit bull attack situation and harass them like this for years?


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